Are You Frustrated with Your Guitar Playing Skills?

  •  Do you constantly struggle to play guitar at the level you want?
  • Are you always held back from expressing yourself on the guitar by technique?
  • Do you have a hard time learning and playing your favourite songs?
  • Do you find it difficult to learn songs by ear?
  • Are you not getting results from your practice or current teacher?
  • Do you find that you’re not playing guitar at the level you want to?
  • Do you want to play fast, but don’t have effective strategies to get there?
  • Are you looking for BeginnerIntermediate or Advanced Guitar Lessons?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, you need to find THE RIGHT Guitar Teacher who understands your needs, challenges, and goals to help you play the guitar like you’ve always wanted.

I used to experience all these difficulties, and more, in the past. I have struggled with technique, improvisation, understanding music theory and a lot of the time didn’t really know what to do to reach my musical goals. No matter what I did, how much I practiced and I couldn’t. I didn’t even know WHY I didn’t sound like my favourite guitar players.

I had guitar teachers, who just “taught me stuff”, I went on the internet and looked at free information, I went to YouTube and searched for videos… BUT all those things didn’t really help me TO PLAY THE WAY I WANTED. They didn’t teach me how to connect all the pieces together, how to apply or use skills in different musical contexts.

If you feel this way, I know how you feel. You need the right strategies to help you reach Your Specific Musical Goals. You need to be taught in a way that will make you a much better guitarist and overall musician.

Whether you’re just a total beginner, a beginner with some skills, intermediate or even an advanced guitar player, you have come to the right place.

Imagine how great it would feel for YOU to:

  • Be totally confident about your guitar skills.
  • Learn how to write Awesome Songs consistently.
  • Have FUN learning and playing the guitar and showing off your skills.
  • Learn from an expert teacher who is dedicated to your goals.
  • Get customised lessons for your specific musical goals.
  • Be able to improvise freely, without getting stuck.
  • Get MORE Results from your guitar practice.
  • Be able to play guitar without limitation of technique or knowledge.
  • Learn how to actually use your existing skills.
  • Make Massive Progress towards reaching your Guitar and Musical goals!

Stop Wasting Your Time and Money with Ineffective Learning & Teaching Methods & Get the results you want!

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I always wanted to play the guitar but I found it a hard instrument to learn until I started taking lessons from Vish. In the begining it was tough but through various techniques and easy explanations Vish made guitar playing look easy and enjoyable. His lessons and materials given are very useful. His patience and teaching techniques makes the student learn faster. I always thought an instrument is easier to learn when a person is young but he proved that wrong – I started playing 6 months ago and I can’t imagine the progress I have made. My friends and peers get surprised when I tell them I have been learning for only 6 mths. Thanks Vish!

Babar Khan, Petaling Jaya

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5 Reasons why Taking Guitar Lessons with The Right Guitar teacher is the BEST option for You:

1. Reach your Guitar Playing Goals Fast:

  • There’s lot of free information on the internet. Some good, some bad, some wrong and some just plain confusing! Look, the fact is there are few to zero guitarists who ever become great by learning from YouTube, DVDs, Books or skimming websites for new information.
 Here, you will get lessons that are tailor-made to your specific Musical and Guitar Playing goals.


  • Most teachers do NOT have a specific strategy for you to reach your goals. In fact, most teachers only ask you what your favourite bands/genres are, and begin teaching without any thought to it!
 When you take lessons with me, I get a deep understanding of your specific goals, current skills and knowledge. You will then learn based on a proven strategy with proven techniques for you to reach your Musical Goals in the best way.


  • Many teachers will keep teaching you new information each time you go for lessons. Some may check on your progress, or just make you practice your “pieces” or “songs” from beginning to end. That’s about it. Well, what good is all your skills if you don’t know how to apply them?
When you learn from me, you will learn HOW to TRAIN, HOW to USE your skills, and APPLY them. This will shave years off your practice time! Now, you can learn to apply your skills from a teacher within the Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya area!

2. Save your Time and Money:

  • The truth is, you could end up spending many months and even years with YouTube, DVDs, Books and browsing random websites, or even taking lessons with a mediocre teacher and You may not even get ANY BETTER! The main reason for this is that these methods try to use a “one size fits all” approach, which is why they fail with the vast majority of Guitar Players. When you take lessons with a good teacher, you will get exactly what you need, in the right order with only your musical goals in mind.


  • All the things you need to know are fully documented so that you don’t go home and realise you forgot what your teacher told you to do. You don’t have to ask to repeat a lesson (and pay for it again) because you forgot what was said (you will be surprised with how often this happens). You will get electronic versions of your lesson material so  you can put your lessons on your iPad, Laptop or even store it in the cloud so you have them anywhere!


  • You will know what to practice, and for how long so you are not left in the dark. More importantly, you will learn HOW TO PRACTICE, and How to Solve Problems in your playing. These pieces are often overlooked by most Guitar Teachers.


  • In the long run, all these things will save you from wasting years of time and money on ineffective teaching and learning methods! Save yourself this time by looking for the right guitar teacher in the Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya region.

3. Be Motivated and stay on track with a Coach:

  • Don’t we all need a coach? Think about the people who are best in the world at what they do. How did they get there? Well, they did many things, but one of them was to hire a coach. Think of Star Athletes and Sportsmen like Michael Jordan, Roger Federer, our very own Lee Chong Wei. What do they all have in common? A coach.


  • A Coach is not merely a teacher – it is a person who understands your current ability, and is also able to bring out the true talent that already lies within yourself. A great coach will understand your specific challenges and goals, and has the strategies for you to reach them.


  • A great coach will always remind you of your Passion and will help you through times of frustration or setback. I will essentially help you to “See the Light!”, “Connect the dots”, and “Tie everything together”.


  • “You can’t manage what you can’t measure.” You will learn how to measure your progress and become motivated by your results!


  • With my lessons, you will get a great coach who will motivate and inspire you, train you and see that you stay on track! Get a good coach here in Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya, to hold you to a higher standard and keep you true to your goals.

4. Have FUN and enjoy the process of learning the guitar:

  • You will get the opportunity to record your songs. This is really fun to do, and you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment when you record your own songs (or even cover songs).


  • You will learn how to play music in real musical situations (not just in the isolation of your bedroom). You will get the opportunity to play music with others. This not only gets your results, but is GREAT FUN, and no amount of words, pictures or videos can describe the feeling of playing live music or jamming!


  • What is music without FUN? The truth is that the vast majority of guitar students find it boring to PRACTICE the guitar. Sadly, most of these students end up quitting! True, boring practice routines do suck! Unfortunately, most guitar students don’t have a way of creating a fun, dynamic and balance practice schedule that helps them to achieve their goals at the same time.


  • The best solution to achieve this is to find a The Right Guitar Teacher in Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya areas, who will help YOU reach your guitar playing goals, while enjoying the process of learning and practicing.

5. Learn from The Right Guitar Teacher. A Trained, Expert Teacher:

  • Do you know the #1 secret that most Guitar Teachers will NOT tell you? It is that they have NOT been trained or taught HOW TO TEACH guitar! So even if they can DO the things that you want to learn, it doesn’t mean they are able to transfer their own knowledge to you in a clear, understandable and logical manner.


  • The fact is that the vast majority of Guitar Teachers receive little to zero training on how to teach guitar in the most effective way. As a result, they may use the method that worked for them (which may not work on you – as you may have different goals, or learning style) or they may simply not even have a strategy for teaching you to reach your specific goals.


  • I am part of a High Quality Guitar Teachers group to constantly improve my teaching skills to help You reach Your goals faster. This program is called the Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle, and is taught by the world’s most successful online guitar instructor, coach and teacher, Tom Hess. Now, you can experience the same results that many others around the world have, right here in the Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya area.


  • You will learn from the right, trained guitar teacher who is constantly improving teaching skills to help you play better, faster.

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guitar lessons in kl

Learning Guitar from Vishaal is a refreshingly different experience from the usual concept of ‘taking a class’ … It is a relaxed and fun experience and yet you get to take a deep plunge into the wonderful world of guitar learning, each time. There is so much to making music, and I strongly feel if the foundation is well understood you can create beautiful stuff yourself. Vishaal’s lessons does exactly that…
He teaches the core concepts in depth and aims at making each an independent musician. I like the freedom of creativity that he allows, and the non-judgmental approach makes it easier and takes the pressure off. With him as a coach you can truly improvise.
The coolest part is despite all the liberty provided he is never too far to hold your hand and take you through it when required. He is a great teacher. This is a world worth exploring!

Sanjeeta Das, Kuala Lumpur

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guitar lessons in kl

Well, I did learn a lot under Vishaal’s guidance. He’s a good teacher because he could really relate to the problems that I faced as a beginner and helped me overcome them. I really found the classes cool because it was pretty chilled out and he taught me different techniques and how to apply them which was really useful as it helped me learn much quicker and more efficiently. I definitely learned a lot about music and the production of music as well, which made me more keen on the subject. He gave me a lot of useful lesson material which was interesting for me and made it more fun for me to do. The experience of learning from Vishaal really helped me progress in my musical knowledge and gave me a good foundation.

Ruba Raghavan, Tropicana

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guitar lessons in kl

My aim is to create music as a food for my soul… In order to achieve my Goal, I found Vishaal to be a more suitable teacher… His training methods are customized according to the goals we want to achieve… And I am getting trained to achieve my musical goals. The direction is set according to my long and short-term goals… I am sure with any other teacher I won’t have this. Some people feel, that sense of music is an inherited talent, I am not sure if I have any (natural talent)… When I started, I didn’t really know  how to play anything… And today I see myself able to do many things. I recommend anyone to take lessons with Vishaal, whether you know or don’t know what you want to achieve on the guitar. Vishaal will help you to determine what your REAL musical goals are and how to reach them!

Aniket Mukherjee, Kuala Lumpur

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Are You Ready To Rock?

Are you a passionate person who is willing to do what it takes to take your guitar playing to the next level?

Are you motivated to increase your guitar playing skills?

Are you committed to achieving your Guitar Playing and Musical goals?

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